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ICSI in Hyderabad | ICSI treatment in Hyderabad

Intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) could be a procedure consisting of injection of one sperm directly into an egg so as to fertilize it. This fertilized egg (embryo) is then transferred to the womb of the expecting mother. The procedure for ICSI is comparable to that for IVF. The distinction is that whereas within the IVF method the fertilization is evoked in a very dish, in ICSI the doctor selects sperm from a given sample then one sperm is directly injected into every egg. ICSI is thought to be the foremost booming kind of fertility treatment and forms nearly 1/2 all assisted means that reproduction strategies.

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Process of ICSI at Raipur IVF, India

The ICSI method consists of the creation of many mature eggs. it’s potential that you just are going to be given fertility medication to encourage your ovaries to provide many eggs for fertilization The ICSI method is usually employed by couples who are experiencing the condition of male issue sterility. it’s additionally used by couples who have tried alternative assisted means within the past and haven’t been successful.

There are 5 major steps within the method

1. The male member is asked to provide a sperm sample or one is surgically extracted from him.
2. The eggs are surgically extracted from the female member
3. using a tiny hollow needle the sperm is injected into the egg
4. The fertilized egg is currently kept underneath observation and its development is tracked consistently
5. Once it’s assured that the embryo is showing all signs of traditional growth , the embryo is implanted into the womb and allowed to mature and grow
Both fresh sperms and frozen sperms could also be used for the method. the process} happens using a method referred to as micromanipulation. This uses a special tool along with specialised instrumentation to select up one sperm and directly inject it into the egg. A cycle of ICSI treatment takes from four to 6 weeks. within the 1st case the couple should spend a day at the clinic for egg and sperm retrieval procedures.

After 2 to 6 days within the clinic can raise you for a comeback for the embryo transfer procedure.

ICSI treatment in Hyderabad

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