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Surrogacy Success rates in India

According to the 2007 reports of society for assisted reproductive technology the India as surrogacy clinics probably delivered one hundred fifty successful gestational pregnancies (with each patients and donor oocytes). This makes India the second most typical location for gestational surrogacy. India has special clinics in gestational surrogacy with excellent and well-practiced doctors.

Surrogacy in India whose main focus is to guide intended parents through each detail of the method for surrogacy. The goal and significance behind this can be to form every parent feel assured that each aspect of the method was being managed for them, and also the overwhelming stress sometimes related to Surrogacy normally was removed from the expertise. Whatever could also be the explanation or a constrain may be its money, legal, immigration, travel, or medical problems that intended parents had to contend with; these problems are not any longer reaching to keep anyone from their dream of starting a family.

While taking into consideration for the couple who are going to surrogacy abroad, Surrogacy in India is a great option to consider because the cost of surrogacy is less than five times that of Unites States and the success rate of surrogacy is also more when compared to the other countries which are offering gestational surrogacy.

In India four types Surrogacy options available

Gestational Surrogacy: In gestational Surrogacy, the intended couple’s embryo is formed through medical method in an IVF laboratory. The embryo developed is inserted into the surrogate mother womb which she carries to the total term and delivers the baby to the couple. During this case the intended couple are genetically associated with the new born however not the surrogate mother

Gestational Surrogacy & Egg Donation: gestational Surrogacy and Egg Donation may be a method of surrogacy wherever the intended mother is unable to supply eggs because of medical reasons; surrogate mother carries an embryo created from donor egg an intended father’s sperm cell processed medically in an IVF clinic. Each intended mother and surrogate mother are not genetically associated with baby, only intended father is genetically connected.

Gestational Surrogacy & Donor: gestational Surrogacy & Donor sperm cell is wherever the intended father is unable to provide sperm cell for any medical reasons. Surrogate mother carries an embryo created from supposed mother’s egg and donor sperm cell processed within the IVF clinic. During this case each surrogate mother and intended father aren’t genetically associated with the baby, only intended mother is biologically connected to new born.

Gestational Surrogacy & Donor Embryo: gestational Surrogacy & Donor Embryo is wherever both the supposed parents don’t seem to be medically fit to produce sperm cell and egg. Surrogate mother carries a donor embryo to full term and delivers baby. No one is genetically connected to the new born.

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